Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jenny: Top Ten New-to-Me Authors in 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is Top Ten New-to-You Authors in 2013. For this topic, we are going to split it into two posts - one with Jenny's picks and one with my picks. First up, Jenny!

Jenny's Top Ten New-to-Her Authors in 2013

1. Erin Morgenstern. Yes, she only has one book, but what a book! Beautiful, beautiful world building.

2. Veronica Roth. I really loved Divergent. I didn't really love Insurgent or Allegiant. Too much angst and one super weird plot development I just couldn't get behind.

3. Umberto Eco. This is for the intellectual. He is clever, profound, and subtle in a way few authors are able to be. His commentary on human nature is superb.

4. Neil Gaiman. I can't believe how I have gone this long without reading him! I have read The Graveyard Book and quickly went out and bought more on my kindle. Lovely, unforgettable characters.

5. Robin McKinley. I had been eyeing her books for awhile and found Sunshine in a used bookstore. I didn't enjoy it. It seemed like half a story. Neat premise, weird ending.

6. Julia Quinn. I don't read romance novels but I love the Regency period for some reason. Her books are cute but not my favorites.

7. Elizabeth Hunter. The first book in her Elemental Mysteries series was free on kindle. You should go check it out. A strong, quirky heroine who turns the hero down- what's not to love?

8. Taylor Longford. Her books are definitely unlike any I've read; they involve gargoyles. This series is cute and oddly endearing. Perfect for when you only have an hour or two to read.

9. Robin LaFevers. Assassin nuns. I don't think I need to say anything else.

10. Orson Scott Card. I am so glad they decided to make a movie out of Ender's Game so it came up on my radar. Ender is a compelling mix of man and child. This is now on my Read Every Year list.


  1. Veronica Roth is a brilliant writer. I nearly added her to my list this week too. Great list :-)

    1. Thank you! I really like your list as well. I'm always on the lookout for authors with different cultural backgrounds- and I'm a bit of an Anglophile :)

  2. You should read more of Robin McKinley. Most of her books are gold. I own most of the good ones if you want to borrow them. =)

  3. I love Robin McKinley's writing but agree that Sunshine feels unfinished. I've always wanted a sequel. Her new book, Shadows, is set in the same world but many years later. No closure there.

  4. Lauren and Jamie: I think I need to give her another try. There is so much love out there for her that I want to share in lol. Which do y'all recommend to get me back on the R.M. bandwagon?

  5. Ender's Game. What a great book. I agree with you, super complex. Ender was such a fascinating character to me.

  6. Yay for Veronica Roth, Erin Morgenstern and Robin LaFevers! I love all three of those authors. And I definitely have some authors I need to look into now :)